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A Healthy Family for Every Child

Our vision of ‘A HEALTHY FAMILY FOR EVERY CHILD’ compels us to support families during pregnancy and beyond. We believe every parent loves their children; building on this strength, we offer the tools and skills necessary for families to thrive.

Client families taking parenting classes earn points that can be redeemed in our supply pantry and boutique.

Statistics prove that families who are building confidence in their parenting skills, have social connections, and who have concrete support, meaning they don't have to worry about basic needs are way more likely to provide consistent, loving, nurturing care to their children.

The programs and services we provide focus on the overall health and wellbeing of both children and their parents. We know that to provide optimal care for children parents must be equipped. Remember, parents who don't have to worry about how they will afford necessities for their children actually manage stress better and will be able to care for themselves and their children in more healthy ways. We believe this will be accomplished through our mission of providing emotional, educational, material, and spiritual support to moms and dads.