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As we prepare to celebrate Father's Day, let me tell you the story of a dad who has faced many life challenges and found joy and purpose in fatherhood.

Chase has struggled with mental illness most of his life. This has affected his career and earning potential having to miss work at times. Learning he was going to become a father again prompted him to seek additional support.

The Crossing provides educational, material, emotional, and spiritual support to moms and dads, empowering them to become strong and resilient families.

Client families taking parenting classes earn points that can be redeemed in our supply pantry and boutique.

Chase said the first time we met him: "I made many mistakes with my first son that I'm not proud of."

Chase has faithfully completed many classes. Even when he cannot come in person, he stays connected by watching videos at home, calling to discuss what he is learning, and checking in with an advocate about how he's doing.

Chase finished the Fatherhood series and learned what it entails to be a great father and what it means to spend real time with his kids. "I learned that providing relevant, attentive, and loving time would give my children the best chance at life."

Chase's partner, Liz even said: "The Crossing has helped him stay more grounded in his role as a father."

Chase continues to earn points by taking parenting classes and feels great pride in providing diapers, hygiene products, and other necessities for his children.

Statistics prove that families who are building confidence in their parenting skills have social connections and those who have concrete support, meaning they don't have to stress about basic needs, are way more likely to provide consistent, loving, nurturing care to their children.

Please consider making a donation to provide families like Chase's the best chance to become the best parents.

Together we will fulfill our vision of a HEALTHY FAMILY FOR EVERY CHILD.

Wishing you a special summer season!

Belinda Esquinas

Executive Director

*We have changed names to protect the client's privacy

*The Crossing is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and contributions are tax-deductible.